Saturday, February 1, 2014



Long skirt
$33 -

Valentino thong sandals
$865 -

Pura Vida bracelet

Stainless steel glasses
$40 -

Witchery palette eyeshadow
$18 -

Nyx lipstick

Lipsy fragrance
$41 -

Chinese New Year 2014 Haircut


The chinese believed that you are prohibited to cut your hair during the Chinese New Year Day caused it will bring you a bad luck. 

I'm not actually believe it, but I waited for the next day of the Chinese New Year to trim my hair (most of the saloons are closed during the Chinese New Year). I went to a saloon in Alamanda.

Actually, I wanted to have a major haircut, but since the hairstylist who entertained me said she was new, I dare not to sacrificed my hair to unprofessional hairstylist!


So, I said I wanna have a minor hair trim that cost me RM 50! Hmmm...very unreasonable price indeed.. Won't come here anymore~


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