Thursday, December 1, 2011

Puss In Boots The Movie

Watched dis movie last nite wit Sa Kui at GSC USJ Summit.

Hohoho...d movie was so hilarious! Ant stop laughing frm d beginning till the end of the movie. Adoiii...pecah perut weyh tengok cite nih!

After the movie we went for supper at Darusssalam. Same menu...Indomee wit egg n maggie goreng with teh ais n teh 'o' suam.

Time bayar kat kaunter tu aku ternampak a couple. Hmmm...macam kenal la dis couple!Haaa...mmg xsyak lagi!!!!

It's my fav tv host n my fav female singer...Qi & Yuna laaa!!!!

Waaaahhh...sgt sweet couple nih! Tapi aku sekadar memandang la...bukan type aku nak g kat table dorg n ganggu dorg nak mintak sain otograp laaa...kan?


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